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For contracting advisory services aimed at steering, encouraging and guiding regional SMEs that have little or no experience in the field of European programmes and projects, within the context of contracting advanced guidance and assistance services in international cooperation R&D&I programmes (either as leaders or as partners).

  • Who can access the programme?

    SMEs with little or no experience in the field of European programmes and projects. Their role in the project must be located in the Region of Murcia (except excluded sectors).

  • What are the different options?

    • Category A. Horizon 2020 R&D&I programmes: the applicant is both the project developer and will be the consortium leader.
    • Category B. R&D&I programmes: the applicant has chosen to take the role of a partner in the submitted projects (single-phase assessment or only second phases when assessments are split across two phases). Likewise for the PHASE 2 SME Instrument.
    • Category C: the applicant has chosen to take the role of a partner in the projects submitted to the H2020 Programme (first phases if there are two assessment phases). Likewise for the PHASE 1 SME Instrument.
  • What does the grant cover?

    • Advisory, consultancy and technical assistance costs.
    • Eligible services may not include permanent or regular activities, and they may not be linked to the company’s standard operating expenses.
    • Eligible costs shall not exceed 12,500 euros.
  • What quantity does the grant cover?

    A non-refundable grant for 80% or 60% in terms of the gross grant for the approved eligible cost.

    The scope and maximum amounts per service category are:

    • Category A: 80% of eligible costs. 10,000 euros.
    • Category B: 80% of eligible costs. 6,000 euros.
    • Category C: 60% of eligible costs. 2,500 euros.
  • What are the requirements?

    • The project must not have already started.
    • A minimum beneficiary contribution of 20% or 40%, depending on the category.

    • Requests must be submitted along with a document justifying the need for and the impact of the project.
    • Service suppliers must be accredited by Instituto de Fomento and may not be partners in the consortium.
    • Final proposals must be submitted to the corresponding organism for each programme and must be accepted for assessment by the European call’s managing entity.
    • Sufficient administrative, financial and operative capacity must be available in order to complete aided projects.
    • Applicants must not have previously been awarded a grant in the same category in any previous CHEQUE EUROPA notices.
  • How can I get in touch?

    On-line only using the Electronic Branch (INFO DIRECTO)

  • Schedule

    From 19th July 2019 to 31st December 2019

  • Additional information
    900 700 706