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This European Union project enhances research in member countries into precision farming, fomenting research and innovation cooperation with the aim, amongst other aspects, of incorporating robotics into the world of agriculture. In doing so, companies, research centres and universities combine efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of European endeavours in R&D&i.

  • What is it for?

    • For internationalisation and improving innovation capabilities in universities, companies and research entities within the Region of Murcia.
    • For developing tools and procedures for transnational cooperation.
    • For providing lines of finance for research and development projects that fall specifically within the field of agriculture.
  • Who is involved?

    Up to 24 organisms - entities from different European Union countries - including Instituto de Fomento and dozens of companies from member countries and other countries that are involved in the programme.

  • How does it work?

    • A company, organism or entity from Murcia makes an innovation project proposal for agriculture and farming (primary sector).
    • Using the programme’s web or their own means, they search for international partners in order to present a joint R&D&i cooperation project.
    • An assessment committee approves the projects that meet the programme’s objectives most convincingly.
    •  If the project is backed by the international jury, the regional beneficiary (who has previously submitted an application to the INFO R&D&iprogramme) is awarded a project execution grant.
  • How much is founded?

    Contractual research costs, knowledge and patents acquired or obtained by license from external sources under non-arms length conditions, as well as consultancy and equivalent services intended exclusively for research and development activities. The value of these costs may not exceed 60% of the total value of the project’s total eligible costs. This is in addition to 25% of indirect costs.

  • When is the deadline?

    Transnational call closed on 30th January 2019

    Regional call (INFO R&D&i programme) closed on 15th February 2019

  • Información
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