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Businesses which have investment projects can take advantage of a support service which promotes project implementation and decreases red tape. The interdisciplinary team at INFO addresses all aspects of establishing and growing a business, backed by an in-depth understanding of the local business structure and fabric.  Since investment projects reach far beyond the business creation phase, the services on offer are global in nature and uninterrupted.

  • What is on offer?

    La globalidad de los servicios que ofrecemos abarca todas las etapas del proceso inversor, incluidas aquellas que se requieren tras haber completado la inversióThe services that we offer cover all stages of the investment process, including any that are needed once the investment has concluded.

    • Information and analysis

      Information and any necessary analyses are provided in order to facilitate the decision-making process and optimise business performance.

    • Financial guidance

      Investors are given financial guidance on Region of Murcia funding - grants or standard means of funding - as well as other national and European Union sources.

    • Entrepreneurial location

      We have a long-standing close relationship with industrial estates in the Region of Murcia and have specific tools for suggesting the most suitable location for your business.

    • UNAI - Investor fast track

      This is the Investment Accelerator Unit for businesses that create at least 10 jobs or that wish to invest over 400,000 euros. It replies to business requests within 48 hours.

    • Inventory of suppliers and collaborators

      Depending on the characteristics of each project, investor companies are provided with an inventory of local companies from numerous areas that are of interest to new investors. For example, suppliers, service providers and collaborators from the Region of Murcia.

    • AfterCare / Investor Café

      The aim of this service is to create new opportunities for businesses that are already up and running in the Region of Murcia. The aim is to promote sustained business performance.

  • How does it work?

    Each investment project is managed personally taking into account the investor’s needs and requirements. A concrete and unique roadmap is designed for each investor.

  • Who can use it?

    Any company in the Region of Murcia that has an investment or reinvestment project.

  • How much does it cost?

    This service is free.

  • Further information
    +34 968 362 811