InDemand-RCT is a project funded by Innosup 6 call entitled “experimentation in innovation agencies”. Following such a call, indemand-RCT project entails performing a Random Control Trial (RCT) to check the efficacy of an innovation support model for SMEs (inDemand model, innovation driven by demand). It will be put into effect to meet the innovation, digitalisation and Covid-19 response needs identified by large/tractor companies in the Region of Murcia (Spain). The technological challenges identified by large/tractor companies are from economic sectors included in the Smart Specialisation Strategy of the Murcia region. This call consists of some 14 technological challenges related to business innovation, digitalisation and response to covid19 identified by large/tractor companies located in the Murcia region. Such challenges will be identified in an explanatory fiche-dossier available in the guidelines document. SMEs of any Member State of the EU or H2020 associated country are entitled to express interest and apply for providing digital solutions to those challenges. SMEs accepted for the experimentation after the selection process will be randomly inserted in one of the two working groups per challenge, which will offer the following services to SMEs