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A pilot project implemented by a number of European regions, including Murcia, in order to develop a new model for innovation cheques (grants for innovation projects in SMEs) aimed at fomenting transfer of innovation services between regions and countries within a collaboration framework.

  • What does is achieve?

    • It entails defining the characteristics, rules and instruments for implementing innovation cheques on a European level. To this end, several SMEs from Murcia are participating in a pilot programme which will test the scheme developed during the project. They will be awarded grants to finance collaborations with highly prestigious European research organisms.
    • An additional project aim entails defining a standardised European protocol for cheque programmes of this kind (support for innovation) which can be used in posterior calls for participation.
  • How does it work?

    • Each of the participating regions publishes their call in which technology suppliers from any EU country can participate.
    • The technology solutions beneficiaries, however, must be located in the regions participating in the pilot programme.
    • Beneficiaries are paired up with the technology suppliers that they believe can offer them the best technological solution for answering their needs.
    • The beneficiary submits the necessary documentation at the leading regional organism so that it can be awarded the grant.
    • The executing regional organism applies suitability criteria in order to verify that the suppliers have met the regulations and so that they can be awarded the grant stipulated in the Innovation Cheque (INNOvoucher).
  • How much is the grant?

    600,000 euros (each innovation cheque beneficiary can receive a maximum of 24,000 euros).

  • Which regions are participating?

    The Region of Murcia, Flanders (Belgium), Romania, the Region of Marche (Italy), Poland, Portugal, the Valencian Community, Westphalia (Germany).

  • When is the deadline?

    Call closed

  • Further information
    900 700 706