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Life Adaptate, a European Union programme led by INFO, increases the commitment made by European municipalities to the new Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy by developing local adaptation plans that will be integrated into existing mitigation objectives in several municipalities. In doing so, they give a global perspective to the fight against climate change.The total budget is €1,763,487.00

  • What is it for?

    • For developing, implementing, monitoring and assessing Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAP) in six municipalities located in three countries (Latvia, Portugal and Spain).
    • For carrying out demonstrative pilot actions linked to climate change mitigation and adaptation on a local level.
    • For testing cooperation schemes between municipalities from different countries and the positive impact of citizen participation.
    • For assessing how local initiatives and the measures that have been embraced have facilitated adaptation to and mitigation of the effects of climate change; and for helping to develop them, transfer them and replicate them at a European level.
  • Where is it taking place?

    LIFE ADAPTATE is taking place in six municipalities in three European Union countries: Spain, Portugal and Latvia. In the Region of Murcia this means the city councils of Águilas, Lorca and Cartagena.

  • Specifically wich projects are involved?

    •  Lorca: shaded areas, shaded walkways in busy transit areas in the old part of the city.
    • Águilas: creation of a wooded area with drip irrigation using water from a WWTP.
    • Cartagena: links between green areas aimed at decreasing the temperature in the areas included in the project by 1 or 2 degrees C.
  • How does it work?

    • Participation of the 6 municipalities in the new Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.
    • Final design of pilot actions and execution in each municipality.
    •  Preparation of a common guide for citizen participation processes.
  • Further information
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