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SEIMED is part of the Enterprise Europe Network which provides services for SMEs from the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia. SMEs can improve their ability to innovate through internationalisation, transfer of technology and access to lines of finance.

  • What is it?

    It is a virtual platform on which users can find thousands of technology offers published by both European companies and companies from up to 60 different countries worldwide.

  • What can it be used for?

    For finding potential technology partners to help pursue a business project, for acquiring turnkey technology and for finding partners to work on transnational projects. In short, for enhancing innovation and, in doing so, improving business competitiveness.

  • How does it work?

    Users can search based on the type of cooperation that they are looking for, whether this be a sales partner, a technology partner or a partner for participation in European projects. Searches can also be done by specifying areas of interest or keywords. The process, step by step:

    • Create a request profile (account).
    • Complete an initial search in the directory, making sure that you select the sector, product, country and so on that you are interested in.
    • A list of companies that meet the selected criteria will be provided.
    • A detailed description of the selected technology offer can be selected.
    • The contact details of the company making the offer are provided so that you can get in touch by phone or e-mail.
    • Send an e-mail expressing interest.
    • The exchange is validated at an internal level and arranged with the seller. Following this, contact between the two parties is arranged.

    At INFO, we can provide you with personalised support to help you use the platform and complete all the necessary steps.

  • Who can use it?

    Any business person or entrepreneur from the Region of Murcia.

  • How much does it cost?

    This service is free.

  • How can I access it?

    By clicking on this LINK

  • Further information
    900 700 706